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The Self-Conscious Mind
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Recent interviews, news articles, papers and presentations

NDE Prophetic Visions Blog: video commentaries and additional details on our 2019 presentation.

NDE Prophetic Visions Blog

Full set of blog posts here.


IANDS NDE Radio interview on the prophetic visions in NDEs study. (2 interviews, 30 min each).

Prophetic visions in NDEs: Warnings for the current times - 2019 IANDS Conference (52 min).


Listen to the interview part1 and part2.

The slides for this presentation are here.

The Self Does Not Die: Paranormal phenomena in NDEs - IANDS Utah presentation May 2019 (88 min).

NDEs: A Theory of Mind, Consciousness & Reality - IANDS Boston/Anthrop Society  July 2019  (97 min).

The slides for this presentation are here.

The slides for this presentation are here.

NDEs: Elucidating the True Nature of Reality - IANDS 2018 Conference (63 min).

NDEs: Insights into Mind, Consciousness & Reality - 2018 Natural Science Section meeting (114 min).

The slides for this presentation are here.

The slides for this presentation are here.

NDEs and the Neural Correlates of Consciousness - IANDS 2017 Conference (58 min).

IANDS NDE Radio interview on the mind-entity hypothesis and the neural correlates of cons. (30 min).

The slides for this presentation are here.


Listen to the interview here.

Introducing The Self Does Not Die: Verified paranormal phenomena from NDEs

Unraveling the Mystery of Memory through NDEs IANDS 2016 Conference (55 min).

The Self Does Not Die coverThis book presents 104 reliable, often firsthand accounts of perceptions during NDEs that were later verified as accurate by independent sources. These near-death experiencers were everyday people from all over the world—many of whom were clinically dead, unable to see or hear, and yet able to perceive new vistas of a world beyond the senses and even beyond death.
This English edition was translated from Dutch. Robert and Suzanne suggested a number of the new cases, helped with the editing of the book and wrote the foreword to this edition. Now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.

The slides for this presentation are here.

The Importance of Veridical Perceptions in NDEs  IANDS 2015 Conference (66 min).

IANDS NDE Radio interview on non-physical causation of NDEs and how mind and brain work (30 min).

The slides for this presentation are here.


Listen to the interview here.

Panel:Next Directions in NDE Research  IANDS 2014 Conference (92 min).

Interview with Bill Hendrickson (WCOM-FM) on NDEs featuring discussion of Eben Alexander's books (57 min).

Moderator: Jan Holden   Panelists: Jan Holden, Mitch Liester, Robert Mays and Suzanne Mays

WCOM-FM Interview

Listen to the interview here.

What medical neuroscience can learn from NDEs  IANDS 2014 Conference (54 min).

The proposed mind-brain interface - from What medical neuroscience can learn from NDEs (10 min).

The slides for this presentation are here.

The slides for this excerpt are here (#21-24).

Physical interaction in NDE explains NDE aftereffects   IANDS 2011 Conference (4 parts, 58 min).

The Future of NDE and Consciousness Research  IANDS 2012 Conference (62 min).

The slides for the presentation are here. The formal paper for this presentation is here.

The slides for the presentation are here.

2019 study "NDE Visions of the World's Future" -- We are seeking NDEr participants in a study:

  • Study objectives: (1) identify and, if possible, verify cases of significant world events that were accurately predicted by near-death experiencers (NDErs); (2) identify similarities in future world events received by different NDErs; and (3) identify what significance the visions of future world events have for NDErs.
  • World events are occurrences that involve or impact a large number of people, such as tragic accidents, terrorist attacks, large-scale social disruptions or conflicts, large-scale natural or environmental disasters, and so on.
  • Criteria to participate: (1) have had an NDE or NDE-like experience; (2) during the experience or at some other time, received information about a future world event.
  • Further information    Link to the study survey

Earlier news articles:

Welcome! This web site is dedicated to explaining and discussing our ideas on the self-conscious mind.  Briefly, we propose that: 

  • The human being consists of (1) an energetic, spatially extended, non-material “mind” that is united with (2) a material brain and body
  • The mind is a “field of consciousness”, that is, a structured, energetic region of space.
  • The mind is non-material (does not consist of material atoms or particles) but has extension and location in space..
  • The field of the mind can interact with physical processes
  • The mind is united and co-extensive with the brain and body and interacts directly with brain neurons. 
  • The basic evidence for this proposal derives from near-death experience (NDE) phenomena and various neurological phenomena especially phantom limbs.
NDE phenomena
NDE process

The human being is the integration or union of a self-conscious mind with a physical body

Phantom limb phenomena
Person with left arm amputation Person with sensations of phantom limb
Forearm amputation
without sensations of the missing limb
Phantom  "mind limb"
extending beyond the body, with sensations

Phantom limbs are exposed “mind limbs” extending beyond the physical body
which exhibit subtle interactions
with objects and other persons

For more information, please read our Introduction. We invite you to read through our ideas and would be pleased to hear any comments you may have about them. 

Robert and Suzanne Mays

Web site contents
  • The Introduction consists of a short introduction to the ideas we have developed about the self-conscious mind through our research
  • The Other Writings page lists our additional writings with links to the full text
  • Our different research projects include:
    • Verification of George Ritchie's report of the out-of-body experience (OBE) portion of his near-death experience (NDE), including locating the all-night cafe in Vicksburg and the hospital ward building at Camp Barkeley near Abilene
    • Research on phantom limbs which explores the idea that a phantom limb could have the same properties as the self-conscious mind: an objective spatial reality, that has a subtle interaction with physical objects and a subtle interaction with another person's body
    • Collecting cases of apparent physical interaction during NDE OBE: reports of interactions with physical processes and objects, including interactions with another person's body and "merging" with another person
    • Verification of other reports of veridical perceptions during NDE OBE
  • Research requests: we are seeking two types of cases that will assist our research. If you have had any of these sorts of experiences or sensations, please contact us!
    • NDE cases that involve physical interactions during the OBE phase of the NDE. Interactions might include (1) light (like seeing a light bulb or readout from a medical monitor), (2) sound (like hearing lights humming, monitors beeping), (3) smells or tastes, (4) touch (like sensations when passing through a physical object), (5) the body of another person (like sensations in touching or passing through a person), (6) the body of another person where your touch appeared to be "felt" (when touching the person, the person “felt” it in some way), (7) "merging" with another person (where you could see and hear with their eyes and ears), or (8) anything resembling these kinds of interactions
    • Phantom limb cases involving (1) sensing the touch of another person, including massage over your phantom limb, (2) being able to feel an object when you touch it with your phantom, (3) touching another person with your phantom which they can feel, (4) relief of phantom limb pain due to Therapeutic Touch or other type of energetic work on your phantom, or (5) seeing your phantom limb as a faint glow.

Comments are welcome!

Discussion Group for the subject of the Self-Conscious Mind

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