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Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Neon Signs
(updated 7/19/2009)

Possible Pabst neon signs
Perhaps the most striking feature of the Vicksburg all-night cafe in George Ritchie's story was the blue Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer neon sign Ritchie saw in the cafe's right window. According to experts, such signs were very common in restaurants and cafes in the 1940s and many of these signs have been recovered in recent years from buildings prior to renovation or demolition. The question is which Pabst sign are we referring to. The following are various candidates, some of which are obviously incorrect. We seek to identify the correct sign that was in common use in Vicksburg in the 1940s.

Blue and white Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer with red stripe Black box Original on tap
A. Most likely sign? B. Also likely? With a red stripe C. Sign is in a box, word  "beer" missing. DWould this be used in a window? Word "beer" missing.
Pabst Beer neon sign Simple sign, blue and red Blue white yellow Pabst on tap
E. Simpler sign, "blue ribbon" wording is missing. F. Simpler sign, "blue ribbon beer" wording is missing. G. Multiple colors H. Multiple colors, word "beer" is missing
Pabst Blue Ribbon On Tap - elongated
Guitar Guitar2 Orange and white
I. Multiple colors, word "beer" is missing, elongated J. Guitar shape would be noted? Word "beer" missing. K. Guitar shape would be noted? L. Blue color missing, word "beer" missing"
Orange Glass picture Bowling Modern
M. Blue color missing, "blue ribbon beer" wording is missing. N. Not a neon sign O. Modern sign, word "beer" is missing. P. Modern sign: plastic
Modern2 Modern3

Q. Modern sign: plastic R. Modern sign: plastic, blue is missing

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